Michelle Hooke.

Michelle Hooke

Interim Director

Michelle is CEO of Girudala Community Cooperative Society in Bowen. She has been the CEO of this organisation since 1996 (25 years).

In her role of CEO, Michelle’s focus has been for Girudala to provide services for their people as a step towards self-determination. She believes that housing is the key to community issues and believes that the empowerment of of Indigenous Community Housing Organisations with a state peak Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Housing body is the first step towards addressing this.

Michelle is a former Director of the Queensland Aboriginal and Islander Health Council (QAIHC). QAIHC is the State peak body for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health in Queensland. This previous experience governing an influential state peak body, as well as her detailed knowledge of the direct relationship between poor housing and the causes of poor health is an asset to our Board and organisation.

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