Our Policies

Supporting Good Governance

This page publicly lists policies and commitments that help govern the operations of Housing Queensland.

Code of Conduct for Board Members
Housing Queensland Board members recognise their role in maintaining the organisation’s reputation for integrity and propriety in all respects and they agree to adhere to the Housing Queensland Code of Conduct for Board Members Policy.

Code of Conduct for Staff
Housing Queensland staff have a responsibility to conduct themselves with a high degree of integrity, to strive for excellence in the work they perform and the outcomes they achieve, and to promote the public interest.

Executive Accountability Framework
Housing Queensland executives are held to high standards of accountability. The Housing Queensland Executive Accountability Framework outlines where accountability for the organisation’s functions and operations lies within the Housing Queensland executive team. These Executives are accountable for the decisions, actions and outcomes in these areas.

Risk Management Policy
The Housing Queensland Risk Management Policy is about managing Housing Queensland’s risk environment and taking measures, where necessary, to ensure those risks are contained to acceptable levels. It includes a Housing Queensland Risk Appetite Statement.

Work Health and Safety Policy (WHS)
Housing Queensland is committed to providing all its workers with a safe and healthy place to work, and work practices that do not compromise the health or safety of others including contractors, visitors and members of the public.

Outside Work Policy for Staff
An important aspect of Housing Queensland governance is to ensure that the external activities of our staff avoid conflicts of interest or reputational concerns whilst also supporting their aspirations to participate in the broader community and the value of them doing so. Our staff are required to disclose, and to have approval, to undertake any paid or unpaid external work activities. This is to maintain transparency with our stakeholders and the broader community.

Privacy Policy
Housing Queensland respects the privacy of the individuals who interact with it or whose personal information it collects indirectly, and is committed to protecting the privacy of those individuals. This Housing Queensland Privacy Policy sets out some key information about the organisation’s approach to privacy.