Our membership is open to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community housing providers who operate in Queensland.

Our Membership

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Housing Queensland (Housing Queensland) membership consists of Queensland based Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Housing Organisations (ICHO’s), Indigenous Councils and organisations who provide housing related services.

Queensland ICHO’s - There are over 60 ICHO’s across Queensland who provide a combination of affordable and social housing properties, complementing the Queensland Government and mainstream community housing provider portfolio. Most Queensland ICHO’s are based in regional Queensland where they play an important role in housing people and contributing to regional economies through employment, contracts, taxes, wages, rates and local sponsorships. Combined, Queensland ICHO’s manage a $500 million housing portfolio of more than 2,000 properties. Their housing portfolio is home to people who are on low and moderate incomes who find it hard to access affordable or appropriate public housing or housing in the private market.

Indigenous Councils - In Queensland, there are 77 local councils. Of these, 16 are Indigenous Councils. Each Indigenous Council is unique, as are their communities. In Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, Indigenous Councils are not just responsible for public administration of local government services (i.e infrastructure projects, roads, waste collection, community safety etc), but are key to community planning and leadership. All are committed to better housing outcomes. Some Indigenous Councils are responsible for the tenancy management and the maintenance of their properties, while Queensland Government Housing Service Centres manage the rest of the properties on behalf of the remaining Indigenous Councils in Queensland.

Want To Join Us?

Housing Queensland was established by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander housing leaders so that more Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander housing providers in Queensland can be successful.

We support organisations that know the value of a well-run business and who strive to make a real difference in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander housing. We offer member benefits to organisations to help them achieve greater outcomes and consequently make a bigger impact.

Housing Queensland is focused on advocacy, producing sector standards and guidance including professional development to achieve stronger organisations, greater Sector stability and growth. Being part of Housing Queensland allows for the connection and sharing of knowledge and skills that will support your organisation at every stage of your development.

As a member of Housing Queensland, your organisation will send a strong signal to your supporters, donors, beneficiaries, and stakeholders that you take your responsibility as an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander housing provider very seriously.

Housing Queensland membership is free. We will save you precious time and money by providing you access to professional tools, knowledge, resources and news, plus you will be part of a supportive community of fellow Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander housing providers in Queensland who make a real difference in our communities.


Housing Queensland Membership can help your organisation in the following ways:


  • Members get the latest information on regulatory issues and on other issues that impact on the Sector and an opportunity to work with Housing Queensland to influence changes.
  • Members get free access to the Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Housing Sector Code of Practice which includes standards that promote professional standards to protect our Sector.
  • Members get free access to the Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Housing Sector Handbook which provides important information on the Sector to strengthen and protect our Sector.

Professional Development

  • Members receive reduced rates for professional development and networking opportunities.
  • Members receive important updates and information through our Member Bulletins and other news.
  • Members receive members-only offers, forums, evidence-based research, white papers, tools and templates.
  • Members get access to complimentary help and advice.
  • Members get access to connections to the community housing providers to share knowledge, skills and experiences


  • Members get to use the Housing Queensland Professional Member Logo and professional Member suffix (MATSIHQ) as a mark of credibility and confidence on your professional identity.
  • Your name, organisation and website will be acknowledged on Housing Queenland’s website so you are recognised as an Housing Queensland Professional Member. You do have the option to opt out of this listing should you wish.
  • Members get priority to participate in Housing Queensland events.
  • Members get Housing Queensland’s proactive public relations and advocacy on your behalf to promote the work, needs and investment in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander housing providers in Queensland.


Housing Queensland membership is FREE. Housing Queensland membership runs annually from 1 January - 31 December. Housing Queensland reaches out to all member organisations each year to advise of pending renewal dates.

Membership Application

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Membership Charter

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Any questions, please connect with us.